Thursday, October 28, 2010

Guerrillas buried without families knowing

28 October 2010

Bodies buried without families knowing

Three HPG (People’s Defense Forces) guerrillas, who lost their lives in the clash in Dersim on 14 October and left in the clash area by the prosecutor, were claimed to be buried in Ovacık rural. Learning that the bodies were buried, the families of 2 of the guerrillas appealed to Human Rights Association (İHD) Diyarbakır Branch to take the bodies.

When the families of 1984 Diyarbakır born Hüseyin Akkuş (Agit Amed) and 1980 Van born Şükran Gülsün (Şilan Ekin) appealed to prosecution two times to take the bodies, they were told that the bodies were left in the clash area by the prosecutor. The families, who obtained no result from their appeals to the prosecution, were called by a private number the other day and they were told that the bodies were buried by the brook between Karipuşagı and Dibek villages. When the families appealed to the prosecution once more after this news and wanted the bodies to be exhumed, the prosecutor told them that they will inform the families when the bodies are found as the research in the area is still continuing. Thereupon, the families of Akkuş and Gülsün appealed to İHD Diyarbakır Branch to call for legal support to take the bodies.

The father of HPG member Akkaş, Aziz Akkaş, said the followings; “I don’t understand the unjust treatment we are living. If it was a soldier that died there, they would put all kinds of means into action. However, when it comes to Kurdish youth and guerrillas, they make all kinds of obstacles”.