Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fifth day of trial against Kurdish politicians started

25 October 2010

Kurdish politicians tried in Diyarbakir appear in Court for the fifth hearing

The fifth day of the KCK trial in which 152 Kurdish politicians and human rights defenders are tried started today. While the defendants answered the roll call in Kurdish the lawyers complained about the waiting room in the court building where the defendants are kept before the trial starts. The hearing is continuing with the read-out the summary of the 7,500 page indictment.

The defendants 104 under arrest defendants were brought to the court building from Diyarbakir D and E type prisons under strict security precautions of the police. The snipers were also ready on roof of the buildings around the court.

The Kurdish politicians and the human rights defenders are charged with “attempt to break the invisible unity of the state”, “being member and directors of an outlawed organization” and “aiding and abetting an outlawed organization.” If they are found guilty they will be sentenced to between 15 year and lifelong aggravated imprisonment.

Almost ten Kurdish mayors including the Mayor of Diyarbakir Osman Baydemir are also among the defendants.

While 108 defendants were ready during the hearing only one relative of each defendant was allowed in the court room including the Mayors of Nusaybin, Cizre, Suruc and Kiziltepe.

The hearing started with roll call and the defendants insisted on using Kurdish during the trial and answered the judge in Kurdish. The lawyers also complained about the conditions in the waiting rooms which caused health problems. They also stated that if the court has not necessary sources to renew the room the Kurdish manipulates are ready to do it.

Defendant Kurdish politician Firat Anli also complained about the lack of enough transportation facilities which create problems to the defendants while being transported to the court building from prisons.

The defendant lawyer Fethi Gumus said to the court panel that from today and on each individual case will be handled which means every single defendant will remain under custody during this period and it will be unfair. The court ignored the release request and the indictment was continued being read out.