Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kurtulan presented motion on Kurdish question

27 October 2010

BDP states need to address Kurdish question in open and frank way

BDP MP Fatma Kurtulan presented a parliamentary research motion on declaring and researching the obstacles in front of the Kurdish problem. Mentioning the fact that former president Turgut Ozal’s death was suspicious, 50 thousand people have lost their life and more than 3 million people are displaced Kurtulan wanted opening negotiations with the PKK and revealing the truths.

Kurtulan while stating that military methods cannot solve the problem said that for a peaceful democratic solution a social consensus is needed and it cannot happen unless all the truths which have been hidden so far revealed.

In her 3-page motion Kurtulan mentioned these grounds.

Kurds are prevented

The government ignores the democratic right of the Kurds, incites the clashes in accordance with its own interest and the Kurds are prevented from politics.

Fifty thousand persons were killed

Due to denial and destruction policy of the officials 50 thousand people have lost their loves in the clashes and approximately 5 thousand Kurdish villages have been burnt down and destroyed.

Suspicious death of Ozal

Many politicians and military members including the 8th president of Turkey Turgut Ozal and General Commander of Gendarmerie Esref Bitlis have lost their lives in suspicious ways. 17 thousand people became victims of the extrajudicial killings by the illegal organisations formed within the state itself.

Three million Internally Displaced Persons

Due to village destructions almost 3 million have been displaced and millions of dollars have been spent on weapons which were used to destroy the nature and forests in the region. Village guards have become crime machines and involved numberless crimes. In the EU membership process several treaties are waiting to be singed but just because they will justify the Kurdish demands they are being suspended.

Truth Commissions

The countries who had similar problems like Turkey could get over them with Truth Commissions. These commissions can help the country create a mutual trust and solve the problems.

Negotiations with the PKK

While forming such commissions it will also be necessary to meet PKK side in order to reach reconciliation.