Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turkish army carried out 80 military operations during ceasefire

29 October 2010

29 guerrillas lost their lives and 900 activists were arrested during ceasefire

At least twenty-nine Kurdish guerrillas were killed and 900 Kurdish activists arrested in Turkey since Kurdistan Worker Party’s ceasefire declaration on 13 August.

According to ANF’s statistics Turkish army conducted at least 80 military operations against Kurdish guerrillas since 13 August. Twenty-nine Kurdish guerrillas were killed in result of the operation.

Turkish army also launched 125 artillery attacks against guerrilla positions in South Kurdistan. Turkish helicopters bombarded guerrilla positions for four times.

Nine Kurdish civilians were killed in a bomb attack in Hakkari in September and a Kurd was seriously wounded during cross border bombing to Haftanin.

Eighty-six forest fires broke out during this period.

Turkish police also detained at least 886 Kurdish activists since August. This statistic is only of what ANF reported in this time period. The real toll is thought to be much more higher.

The demands of Kurdish organizations were continuously denied by the Turkish state. Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan ruled out any constitutional amendments that will allow education in mother language.

At least 1500 Kurdish politicians who were detained after municipal elections in 2009 remained in prison despite growing pressure from the Kurdish organizations.

PKK declared an unilateral ceasefire on 13 August. The ceasefire will expire on 31 October.