Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prisoners handcuffed during transfer to hospital

25 October 2010

Conditions in Kocaeli Prison condemned

Prisoners in Kocaeli F Type Prison Numb 1 were forced to “be handcuffed to soldiers’ arms during their transfer to hospital.

Prisoners in Kocaeli Prison, who were not even examined due to handcuffed examination imposition in the hospitals they were sent to, are not even likely to reach the hospital this time.

The prisoners are handcuffed to the arms of soldiers near them during their transfer to hospital. The prisoners, who refuse this application, are not sent to hospital. Serdar Güzeli who is among these sick prisoners, must have an eye surgery but cannot be treated due to the application.

Informing the press about the situation, prisoners consider the application as “a remaining of the 12 September military coup” and say; “In prisons, we will not accept applications that are the leftovers of 12 September. We call all sensible people and institutions to take action about this matter.”

Translation: Berna Ozgencil