Sunday, October 24, 2010

Women demonstrate in Ankara against murder and rape

23 October 2010

After brutal murder of woman trade unionist, women rise their voice

Nejla Yıldız was 40. She was a trade unionist in Ankara. She was killed on the street in the front of many people, a few days ago. She had complained many times about being harassed by who turned out to be her killer. She turned to the police for help and protection. The police did nothing. And then, one day, she was killed mercilessly on the street.

Ankara Women Platform organized a press meeting in front of Ankara Court House to condemn the police’s behaviour and ask more sensitivity for cases related women.

Sevil Yılmaz, who read the statement, asked the government when will women murders considered as a huge failure of the state by rulers.

According to DIHA news agency, women also gathered in front of Sincan Heavy Penal Court Nr.1 to protest against the release of two rape defendants.

Women requested government to establish Crisis Centers for Rape Victims.

Sevim Özdemir, a woman activists from FeministBiz, addressed protesters and condemned the heavy and slow procedure during the rape cases and against rape victims.

“The man dominated system is ignoring women problem, particularly rape issue. In fact, Forensic Medicine works virtually for rapists. Many rapists were released as a result of the examination of these reports. We need independent medical centers to get true reports on time."