Thursday, October 28, 2010

BDP Women Assembly Conference starts in Batman

28 October 2010

BDP Women conference opened by Gultan Kisanak

Peace and Democracy Party's (BDP) Women Assembly Conference started in Batman with participation of BDP's women MP's and mayors.

Around 300 delegates attended the conference mostly from Kurdish cities.

Speaking on the opening of the conference BDP co-president Gultan Kisanak said women are responsible to resist against totalitarian governments and ignorance of Turkish state against Kurdish people.

She criticized the Turkish government for taking unilateral steps on making of a new constitution and recent changes on national security document of the Turkish state.

She also called for solidarity with Kurdish politicians who stands trial in Diyarbakır saying that the Kurdish identity is being tried in the court.

After Kisanak's speech the conference continued behind closed doors.

The conference is expected to continue for two days. The decisions will be made public on Saturday.