Saturday, October 30, 2010

Turkey and Iran preparing a joint military operation

29 October 2010

With two days left before the end of the PKK unilateral ceasefire, Turkey and Iran are reportedly working on a joint military operation

It is reported that thousands of Turkish soldiers passed into Iranian territory recently and Turkish and Iran armies are preparing a joint military operation against the PKK and PJAK.

Just two days before the end of the unilateral ceasefire extended on 30 September until 31 October, thousands of Turkish soldiers were deployed in Zive village of Urmiye in Eastern Kurdistan. While the Turkish army is inspecting the area with Herons the Iranian army is preparing not only its soldiers but also village guards for an extended operation.

Local sources reported that Turkish and Iranian officials had a secret meeting in Urmiye two days ago and the military intelligence services are collecting information in the region.

It is also reported that Turkey started constructing a military outpost close to Esendere border gate and names of the all foreigners are registered. Meanwhile, Turkish warplanes are constantly flying over Semdinli, Yuksekova and the Kurdistan Federal Region.

Check points on the roads which were not active before the ceasefire have been reactivated and controls are done by soldiers and policemen wearing snow masks.

While the locals got rid of the checkpoints they say that the preparations show that following the ceasefire there will be a huge operation in the region and they have no life security.