Saturday, October 30, 2010

Leyla Zana: the solution is close

30 October 2010

Former DEP MP says solution is closer but more friendly and peaceful environment needed

Speaking at the opening of TOKİ Free Citizen Association in Batman, Ex DEP (Democracy Party) MP Leyla Zana said the followings; “The solution of the Kurdish problem is close. But, to get the result we want, we necessarily need to create a peace and friendly atmosphere among each other.”

TOKİ Free Citizen Association was inaugurated in TOKİ (Housing Development Administration of Turkey) Batman, with the participation of tens of people.

Making her speech after the opening, Ex DEP MP Leyla Zana stated that they keep strong with the institutions, organizations and parties of all societies. Expressing that world societies can accomplish only when they are strong, Zana spoke as follows; “People have always reached success when they adopt their own values and labor. We will adopt our own values and labor as well. Kurdish people are not only persistent, but also hopeful. So, rather than pitying ourselves, we must continually insist on peace and brotherhood because the more we insist, the more we will achieve. The solution of the Kurdish problem is too close. But, to get a result we want, we necessarily need to create a peace and warmness atmosphere among each other.”

Translation: Berna Ozgencil