Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Third day of trial began in Diyarbakir

20 October 2010

Defense lawyers demanded plainclothes policemen to leave the court hall

At today’s trial of Kurdish politicians in Diyarbakır 6th Criminal Court, defense lawyers demanded the plainclothes policemen to get out of the court hall.

The trial of the case against Kurdish politicians, mayors and civil organization representatives is continuing.

Besides 104 prisoners, 6 defendants and defense lawyers joined the trial. At the hearing, which started with a roll call, Kurdish politicians again answered the questions in Kurdish.

Taking the floor after the roll call, defense lawyer Ercan Kanar demanded the plainclothes Antı-Terror policemen in the court hall to be taken out so that the judgment could proceed in a democratic way. Kanar said that the policemen create pressure on the court and affect the judicial as they are already a party to the legal proceedings.

Remarking that reading the defendants’ unnecessary details and irrelevant phone conversations on the accusation aggrieved them in the court, Kanar wanted these parts not to be read. The court board will decide about the demands in the last hearing.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil