Saturday, October 30, 2010

BDP explained Democratic Autonomy at the Council of Europe

29 October 2010

BDP attended Council of Europe Conference of Local and Regional Authorities

Vice co-chair of BDP Demir Çelik attended the Council of Europe Conference of Local and Regional Authorities and explained the ‘Democratic Autonomy Project”. He also asked for solidarity with the imprisoned Kurdish politicians.

BDP’s vice co-chair responsible for local authorities Demir Çelik, Mayor Semdinli Sedat Töre and BDP’s representative in Europe Faik Yağızay joined the 3-day Conference on local and regional governments. The BDP delegation also met the other countries’ delegations, raporteurs on Turkey and the new president British Keith Whitmore. It is reported that the delegation explained democratic autonomy project and gave information on ongoing KCK trial and the approach of the Kurds concerning Turkey’s EU membership.

Speaking to ANF Demir Çelik said they take the European Charter of Local Self-Government and that is why they are conducting the meetings. He also reminded that Mayor Viransehir Leyla Güven used to represent BDP at the meetings but because she in prison because of KCK case she could not come.

Demir Çelik also reminded that the Council sent Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş to the workshop on European Charter of Local Self-Government and Turkey which was held by the Union of the South Eastern Turkey Municipalities on 22-23 October and said they will also send a raportuer to out meeting on 18-19 December.

Local Democracies should develop

Mayor Semdinli Sedat Töre reminded that Turkey put reservations to the European Charter of Local Self-Government in order not to recognise the Kurdish rights and it is the time to withdraw them. He also said that devolution and empowering local democracies will help to the solution of the Kurdish problem.

The BDP delegation then joined a public meeting held by the Kurdish Association on Strasburg.