Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birdal: Parliament Human Rights Commission not playing its role

29 October 2010

BDP deputy says Human Rights Commission not doing what it should do

The 'Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) Human Rights Commission does not fulfill its responsibility’ said Akin Birdal, Diyarbakir Deputy of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) regarding formation of the commission which doesn’t include deputies from BDP. Birdal accused TBMM of deliberately keeping BDP out of the commission. Akin Birdal was Chair of Human Rights Association (IHD) for long years before elected as deputy.

The Commission supposed to inspect the problems in the prisons.

According to the interview published by DIHA news agency Birdal there is no investigation about prisons and they need to begin as soon as possible.

“If the commission wants many right violations in prisons would be stopped. But there is no intention for it. On the other hand there is a huge trial in Diyarbakir where hundreds of representatives from international human rights organizations are still there to observe the trial. But TBMM Human Rights Commission has never sent observers there, despite court violates many rights of trialed people. As we have been seeing since the commission was formed, it did nothing but cover the violations” said Birdal and asked the commission to fulfill its responsibility.