Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prosecutor demands 20-year prison sentence for Kurdish Mayor

29 October 2010

Prosecutor asked heavy prison sentence for mayor of Cizre

Turkish prosecutors demanded 20 years prison sentence for Cizre Mayor Aydın Budak for participating to a demonstration in Sirnak.

Mayor Budak was among the demonstrators who protested prison conditions of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Sirnak last year.

Diyarbakır Public Prosecutor launched an investigation about Budak and filed an indictment to Diyarbakir 6th High Criminal Court. The prosecutor demanded 20 year prison sentence for Budak for committing a crime on behalf of an illegal organization.

Budak was on the scene as demonstrators clashed with the Turkish police. He tried to convince the protestors to end the demonstration.

Budak is now in Diyarbakir D Type Prison for alleged crimes against the unity of the state and standing trial in so called KCK case.

The court watched the police videos which was filmed during the demonstration last year. Budak was clearly seen on the video as he tries to stop Kurdish youths from hurdling stones.

But Turkish prosecutor claimed that Budak actively participated in the protest which left some police officers wounded.