Saturday, October 30, 2010

Academic Kurds brought to trial in Syria

October 29, 2010 by sks  

According to Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD, the second investigating military judge in Aleppo case heard the prosecution case no. 568 of 2010 against the lawyer Abdullah Nuri Imam, born 1974 from Kobani, and Dr. Bakhtiar Mudars al-Hussein also from Kobani  on charges of causing a rift in  national unity and disturbing the harmony between elements of the nation, and setting fire to agricultural farms close to the border,  and being resistant to legitimate actions under Articles of the General Penal Code 211-212-216-217-218-573-574-307-370-393-336
Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD asks the authorities to release prisoners of opinion and to desist from making arbitrary arrests in violation of the Constitution and the Syrian laws, and calls for the trials of Abdullah Nuri Imam and Dr. Bakhtiar Mudars al-Hussein to be stopped.
26 October 2010