Thursday, October 28, 2010

TUSIAD calls to lower the election threshold

27 October 2010

BDP met businessmen association

Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TUSIAD) called the Turkish government to lower the 10 percent election threshold ahead of the general elections on the summer of 2011.

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) leaders Selahattin Demirtas and Gultan Kisanak visited TUSIAD's president Umit Boyner today.

Demirtas said that the participation of business leaders to the process which will lead to a new constitution is very important. He reminded of past works on new constitution by TUSIAD and invited the businessmen and women to Diyarbakır to exchange ideas with Kurdish representatives.

TUSIAD's president Boyner thanked Kurdish leaders for their visit and said that he is happy to discuss about the new constitution with Demirtas and Kisanak.

He underlined the need for a new constitution and said that TUSIAD will work for a democratic constitution.

Boyner called the Turkish government to lower the 10 percent election threshold, which is a key demand by the Kurdish political parties.

He also said that a TUSIAD envoy will visit Diyarbakir on December and meet Kurdish representatives there.

After the meeting Boyner told the press that the problem of minorities and national identity in the constitution must be solved.