Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Demirtas: PM is considering the defendants as political hostages

26 October 2010

BDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas addressed crowd in Diyarbakir

Co-chair of Peace and Democracy Party BDP Selahattin Demirtas stated that his colleagues who are on trial in the KCK case will defend themselves in Kurdish and the approach from the court will whether the Kurds are recognised. He also blamed the state channel TRT for intervening the on going trial by its programmes.

Speaking to the crowd gather before the city hall after the 5th day of the trial Demirtas said“ the Kurdish politicians and human rights defenders are treated like hostages and the Turkish PM should come and see the trial then can talk whether democracy arrived this country or not. The problem here is not legal but political. The problem cannot be solved by the judges or prosecutors. Instead of accusing BDP Erdogan should declare what he is gonna do for the Kurds. He should also declare if he has nothing to do for the Kurds.”

Demirtas also pointed out the fact that the state channel TRT can broadcast in Kurdish but Kurdish cannot be used in a trial which shows the insincerity of the PM who always says Kurds are my brother and I love the Kurds. “If they are your brothers then let them speak their language. Erdogan is always saying the parliament is the place to solve the problem then he should not treat Kurdish politicians like political hostages.”

Demirtas also said that the broadcasting of the state-run TRT shows the approach of the officials to the case and TRT is disseminating prejudice and launching the Kurdish politicians like blood-handed killer which even does not exist in the indictment. But it seems TRT has already tried and convicted them.