Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Education in mother tongue is a human right

25 October 2010

First research on mother tongue presented by Diyarbakir Political and Social Research Institute

DISA (Diyarbakir Political and Social Research Institute) has presented its first research into mother tongue. According to the Institute the state should take essential measures necessary to ensure the right of mother tongue education. DISA stated that there is a citizenship mentality in Turkey which imposes on everyone a standard identity and lifestyle.

DISA chair, Necdet Ipekyuz, speaking at Sumerpark Reception Hall, stated that the use of the mother tongue in education is a human right and the duty of the states is to take essential measures to ensure the right of mother tongue education.

Ipekyuz emphasised that a standard identity is enforced in Turkey and continued by stating that this is leading to a denial of the use of Kurdish mother tongue in education, a situation that is affecting the social peace in Turkey.

The pressures on the Kurdish language continue throughout the public sector.