Monday, October 4, 2010

Mohammed Saadoun has been sentenced

October 3, 2010 by sks

According to Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD Mohamed Saadoun member of the Political Committee of the Kurdish Azadi Party has been sentenced by the military judge in Qamishli today, 3 October 2010 in case number 4928. He was imprisoned for a year and fined one hundred Syrian pounds in accordance with Article 308 of the General Syrian Penal Code.
He was sentenced to six months and fined one hundred Syrian pounds, in accordance with Article 307 of the Syrian Penal Code.
In effect, the penalty will be one year’s imprisonment and a fine of one hundred Syrian pounds, pursuant to Article 204 of the General Syrian Penal Code, and in the case of non-payment of fine, one day imprisonment for every 2 lires.
He will also be deprived of the right to hold jobs and services in the management of the union to which he belongs, and the right to be a voter, or elected in communities and organizations for the duration of the sentence.
This sentence is subject to appeal.
3 October 2010
Article 307
1. ?Any deeds committed, writings composed, or speeches held with the intention of inciting sectarian or racial strife or provoking conflict between the religions and the various members of the nation will be condemned to prison for between six months and two years, fined between 100 and 200 liras, and banned from exercising the rights noted in Paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 65.
2.?The court may decide whether or not to publish the decision.
Article 308
1. ?Any person belonging to an association established for the purpose referred to in the previous article will receive the same penalty.
2. ?If the perpetrator holds an office within the association, the minimum prison sentence will be one year and the fine at least 100 liras.
3.?In addition, the association will be dissolved and its assets seized pursuant to Articles 109 and 69.
Article 204
1. ?If an individual has committed multiple crimes or violations, each will be individually condemned, but only the most severe penalty will be carried out.
2.?If someone has incurred multiple penalties, a total penalty will be established; the single penalties may be added together as long as the total penalty is not more than one and a half times greater than the highest penalty.
3.?If the option to establish a total penalty is not exercised, the case will be referred back to the same judge for renewed decision.
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