Monday, October 4, 2010

Six months in prison for carrying a photo on a mobile phone

October 3, 2010 by sks

According to Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD , the individual military judge in Qamishli sentenced Hozan Hassan Mohammed to six months in prison, on 3 October 2010, for the offense of taking action to inciting racism, according to the provisions of Article 307 of the General Syrian Penal Code. The time already spent in detention will be taken into account, and the decision can be appealed
Hozan Hassan Mohammed, born 1986 in Qamishli, was arrested by Syrian security services on 15 Jume 2010, and photos of well-known Kurdish political activists were found on his mobile phone.
Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD strongly condemns the unjust sentence against Hozan Hassan Mohammed, and demands that it be withdrawn, his case closed, and that he be immediately released. They call upon the Syrian authorities to issue an amnesty for all detainees and prisoners of opinions and political, human rights and religious beliefs, and to work on a democratic transformations in all spheres of life, such as freedom of opinion and expression, and freedom of the press and publishing, to work to achieve the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law, and to bring an end to political arrests.
3 October 2010
Article 307
1. ?Any deeds committed, writings composed, or speeches held with the intention of inciting sectarian or racial strife or provoking conflict between the religions and the various members of the nation will be condemned to prison for between six months and two years, fined between 100 and 200 liras, and banned from exercising the rights noted in Paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 65.
2.?The court may decide whether or not to publish the decision.