Friday, October 8, 2010

Kurdish must be spoken everywhere

Linguist Zana Farqini says Kurds must speak their language everywhere to protect the language from assimilation politics.

In an interview with ANF Turkish service Farqini said that Kurdish language in now only used at homes and closed social areas but it must be spoken everywhere in everyday life, government offices and schools to protect the language from Turkey's assimilation politics.

Commenting on Kurdish Movement for Education and Language's (TZP Kurdi) school boycott campaign he said it's very important to mobilize Kurds for the defense of the language.

"If a language is not an education language it's future is in serious danger" he said.

Farqini said the boycott campaign is very successful and more actions are needed in defence of the Kurdish language.

He also said that Kurdish side must be more prepared for education in Kurdish in the future.

"Materials, school books must be prepared by Kurdish institutions" he said.

"Considering Turkish state's politics against Kurdish language, you can define the situation like this: 'Kurdish is resisting against Turkish. If everything goes on like this Kurdish language will fade away after two or three generations".

He called the Kurds to act more for Kurdish language and use it everywhere possible.