Friday, October 15, 2010

If Erdogan wants to be the president he should act for peace, says Kisanak

Co-president of Peace and Democracy Party Gultan Kisanak says if Turkish Prime Minister wants to be the president he should find a solution to the Kurdish problem.

Speaking on her party’s group meeting in the Turkish parliament Kisanak said that they are aware of Erdogan’s intentions to be the president of Turkey in the next term.

She called the Turkish Prime Minister to act for the peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish problem if he wants to be the president of Republic of Turkey.

“The road to be the president goes through peace, democracy and solution. Be aware of that” she said.

She criticized Erdogan statements about mother language and autonomy for the Kurdish region and said that they see no positive attitude from the Prime Minister on Kurdish problem.

She pointed Turkish officials visits to Syria, U.S, Iraq and Germany and called the government to talk with Kurds, not with other states or third parties for a solution to the Kurdish problem.

She said the Turkish government should be open about negotiations with Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and speak out the intentions about negotiations. “There is no need to do anything behind closed doors. They should stand up and speak. But they don’t. So we think that their intentions are different than showing an effort for peace.

Speaking about the unlawful killing of Kurdish activists and politicians in 1990s Kisanak said a Truth Commission should be set and an efficient and adequate investigation should be launched especially for killing of former Turkish president Turgut Ozal and former general Esref Bitlis. Both were killed in early 90’s and no investigation was launched about their deaths.

Kisanak also said that they are against the closed-session in Turkish parliament about extension of mandate for a cross-border operation against Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK)

“The government says that the PKK must withdraw all its forces to abroad. On the other hand they want to extend the mandate which gives authority to the government to launch a cross border operation. They say ‘Withdraw your forces to abroad and I will destroy you there’ to the PKK” she said.

Kisanak also called the European Union to end the pressure and investigations against the Kurdish satellite channel Roj TV.