Friday, October 15, 2010

Trial against Turk and Togluk postponed

12 October 2010

New hearing scheduled for December 23rd

The trial of DTP (Peace and Democracy Party) political banned Co-chair Ahmet Türk and DTP Diyarbakır MP Aysel Tuğluk, against whom a number of cases were opened and rescinded, continued in Ankara 12. High Criminal Court.  

The hearing of the case, which was opened against Ahmet Türk and Aysel Tuğluk  for “making organization propaganda”  by various reasons like attending Roj TV broadcasts, their speech in Newroz activities, taking 8 soldiers after the Dağlıca raid, was held in Ankara 12. High Criminal Court. While defendant lawyer Mehmet Nuri Özmen appeared, Aysel Tuğluk and Ahmet  Türk  didn’t didn’t attend the hearing.  The court board has postponed the hearing to 23 December.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil