Friday, October 8, 2010

Two people injured in assault by soldiers

08 October 2010

Soldiers attacked a truck injuring two people

Soldiers mowed down a light truck in Yüksekova/Hakkari. Two people were wounded, one seriously. Wounded driver Cüneyt Yıldız said; “They riddled the truck, then we were seriously battered. They shot fire on Reşat’s feet. They said that we are all terrorists and insulted us”

According to the reports received soldiers laid an ambush at the entry of Kadıköy village of Yüksekova/Hakkari and shot the light truck driven by Cüneyt yıldız at around 22.00. While driver Cüneyt Yıldız (20) was slightly injured in the attack, Reşat Karataş (18), who was in the truck with Yıldız, was seriously wounded. Casualties were taken to Yüksekova State Hospital with ambulances called to the venue.


Truck driver Cüneyt Yıldız expressed that he got into a flap when he saw soldiers of more than one and had to stop when they were caught in crossfire by soldiers. Yıldız said; “They riddled the truck. And when we stopped the truck and got off, we were sorely battered. They took a shot on Reşat’s both feet. They insulted us.”


Saying that soldiers hit him on his back and legs with the butt when he wanted to go to his wounded friend; Yıldız spoke as follows; “They would always say us that we were all terrorists. We were shocked. Whichever law we broke, it is not supposed to be in this way. Anyway, we stopped after a short time. It is a gross injustice that we were fired and battered after stopping the vehicle too.”

On the other side, Reşat Karataş was taken under first medical intervention in Yüksekova State Hospital and then sent to Van. However, injured Karataş had to wait for two hours to be taken in a hospital in Van. Under Karataş’s worsening situation in severe pains, his relatives conveyed a message to AKP (Justice and Development Party) Hakkari MP Rüstem Zeydan and asked for help. When all their efforts remained inconclusive, Karataş’s relatives resorted to taking him to Van with their private car. Karataş was taken to Van in a bed laid in a cube light truck.


Karataş’s relatives reacted against the situation and stated that they were aggrieved two times and left face to face with a big shame of humanity.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil