Friday, October 15, 2010

Postponed trial of six Kurdish men case no 7108

October 15, 2010 by sks

According to Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD, the trial of the following Kurdish men was adjourned by the third military judge in Aleppo on Monday 11 October 2010 until 23 November 2010, in case number 7108:
Abdullah Mohammed Mesko, born 1987
Subhi Osman Burkel, born 1965
Khalil Musto, born 1990
Fayek Mohamed Nebi, born 1971
Aziz Burkel Khalil, born 1962 and Bozan Abdelkader Bozan, born 1958
The men are charged under Article 307
1. Any deeds committed, writings composed, or speeches held with the intention of inciting sectarian or racial strife or provoking conflict between the religions and the various members of the nation will be condemned to prison for between six months and two years, fined between 100 and 200 liras, and banned from exercising the rights noted in Paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 65.
2.The court may decide whether or not to publish the decision.
These people were arrested in the city of Kobani, in the province of Aleppo six months ago by security forces.
Syrian Committee for Human Rights – MAD welcome the release of these men and call on the competent authorities for the release of all detainees, and to stop arbitrary arrests. They call for the promotion of rights and democratic freedoms, and the abolition of the State of Emergency and martial law, the rehabilitation of the judiciary and respect for their independent authority, and respect for international charters and conventions on human rights.
11 October 2010