Friday, October 15, 2010

Mahmoud Shekho – death of 42nd Kurdish conscript killed in the Syrian army

October 15, 2010 by sks

According to Media Institute of Western Kurdistan Society and Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD, the family of a military conscript Mahmoud Shekho who had served in one of the military units of the Syrian army in the province of Latakia, received the body of their son on Saturday 9 October 2010. According to the military authorities he committed suicide. The source of this news confirmed that his body showed evidence of having been shot fourteen times. He was buried the same day in his village of Tel Hassal in the province of Aleppo.
Media Institute of Western Kurdistan Society and Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria – DAD sends sincere condolences to the family of the victim Mahmud Shekho, and to all those who died in the units of the Syrian military. They emphasize that the Syrian authorities bear full responsibility for this death, as they hold responsibility first and foremost for the personal safety and security of citizens. They call on the authorities responsible to hold a transparent and fair investigation, to identify those responsible for these killings, to impose the most severe sanctions against them, and to compensate the families of the victims for material and emotional harm.
12 October 2010

The list of Kurdish conscripts killed in the Syrian army since 2004
Number_Name_Date of birth_Address_Place of military service_Date of killing_Reason of death which was given by the authorities in the military
1 Khairi Barjas Jindo Amuda April 2004
2 Dhiaa Nouraddin Maashouqe, Tirbespiye 2004
3 Qasim Hamed 1982 Al Hasaka Al Kasoua, Damaskus 11 June 2004, suicide
4 Mohammed Shaikh Mohammed Sanare, Afrin Al Qutaifa 23 October 2004 Astma
5 Mohammed Waiso Ali 1987 Kobani Brigade 157 in Khorbat Al Shabab 28 March 2006
6 Idris Mahmoud Mousa Haj Abdo 1981 Talhabash, Amoude 29 February 2008
7 Farhad Ali Seif Khan 1989 Qirouf, Kobani Air defence in Suadaa 3 July 2008
8 Shyar Yousef 1990 Dikê, Afrin Fifth divsion in Daraa 07 April 2008
9 Siwar Tamo 1988 Kurdo, Dirbasiye Air Technical College in Aleppo 21 December 2008
10 Agid Nawwaf Hasan Tal Ilun, Drbasiyeh 02 August 2008
11 Ibrahim Rafat Chawish 1990 Qastali Mikhtar, Afrin, Aleppo Tenth division in
Damascus 27 December 2008
12 Barzan Mahmoud Omar 1975 Alaya, Qamishli At the Syrian-Lebanese border 13 April 07
13 Luqman Sami Husein 1986 Biskye, Afrin Homs May 2008
14 Jihad Ibrahim Yousef Qamishli Damascus 01 August 2008
15 Mohammed Bakir Shikh Dada 1989 Adama, Rajo, Aleppo Fifth Division –
Brigade 17 / Deraa 13 January 2009
16 Berxudan Khalid Hamo Boraz, Kobani Seventeenth division in Al Hasaka –
Kaukab 19 January 2009
17 Mahmoud Hannan Khalil Qerehtepe, Afrin Daraa, suicide
18 Ahmad Sadoon 12 May 2009 Astma
19 Xebat Sheikhmous Quto, Afrin Homs 18 May 2009, drowned
20 Ahmad Abdulrahim Khalil Moustafa 1988 Qamishlo 25 June 2009, traffic accident
21 Malik Akkash Shabo Keferoum, Afrin Fifteenth division in Homs 05 June 2009
22 Arif Abdul Aziz Sayed Osman, Qamishlo 26 June 2009, electric shock
23 Mahmoud Halali Ain Alba Kobani 29 June 2009, a stone fell on him when he wanted
to fix his tent
24 Mohammed Omar Khidr 1987 Dibasiyeh Air Defense – Missile Battalion – Homs 07 July 2009, was shot by other soldier by mistake
25 Bilind Farhad Dreii 1987 Qamishlo Al Hasaka 13/14 August 2006, was shot during
pursuit of criminal security to him in Qamishlo
26 Hogir Rasoul Maashouqe, Qamishlo 08 August 2009, electric shock
27 Ahmad Moustafa Ibrahim 2009, suicide
28 Ahmad Arif Omar 1988 Mamala, Rajo, Afrin, Aleppo 01 September 2009, electric shock
29 Sadik Husein Mousa Dodyan, Afrin, Aleppo 12 October 2009, traffic accident
30 Rezan Abdul Karim Mirane Tlailone, Derik, Hasaka 11 October 2009, traffic accident
31 Firas Badri Habib 1988 Bulbul, Afrin, Aleppo 09 October 2009, traffic accident
32 Sulaiman Ahmad Farook Diko Khasim, Rajo, Afrin Brigade 88 of the
seventh division 30 September 2009, heart attack during military training
33 Khalil Bozan Shaikh Muslim al-Rraqa One of military units stationed in the
province of Latakia, “College of Engineering.” 08 December 2009, suicide
34 Izzddin Moro Barbazin, Kobani, Aleppo Birigade 110 Al-Qtaifah – Damascus 19 December 2009, died during the military training
35 Isa Khalaf 1991 Kobani Fifteenth division in Daraa 10 January 2010, suicide
36 Osman Mustafa Bozan, 1989, Kobani, April 2010, suicide.
37 Xebat Hesen Eliko, Efrin, 6 May 2010, suicide.
38 Hesen Mihemed Dero, Damascus, 27 May 2010, suicide.
39 Najm al-Din Hassan Daallo, 1991, Afrin, al-Raqqa, 7 June 2010, suicide
40 Mustafa Abdo,1982, Deyrick, Homs, 12 August 2010, accidentally killed by a bullet out of his own weapon while on duty.
41 Shiar Osman Osman, 1991, Deyrik, Khan al-Sheikh, Damascus, 22 August 2010, suicide
42 Mahmoud Sheikho, Tel Hassel village in Aleppo province, 9 October 2010, suicide but he had fourteen bullets in his body