Sunday, October 17, 2010

Operations continue in Eastern Kurdistan (Iran)

17 October 2010

PJAK statement informs of new military operations

Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) reported that Iranian army is carrying out operations in Seqiz region with small units and new police stations have been built in Xoy.

Giving information about the military mobilization of Iranian army, PJAK Press Communication Center recorded that small military units have been placed in Tewekullan, Şaqalla, Derewezan, Qemçiyan, Îsaqawa, Çilçeme, Êşkewtî Nêzan and Mizgewtî Nêzan regions of Seqiz.

The statement notified that Iran army is making preparations for an across the board operation.

At the statement, PJAK pointed out that Iran army started an operation between Xoy and Qereziyadin on 15 October and bombarded violently during the operation. Reporting that new police stations have been built in many villages of the region, PJAK stated that another operation is continuing on Şaho Mountain region.

A village guard died and a HRK guerrilla lost his life during the clash in the first day of the operation which was started 6 days ago with the support village guards in Melhem and Exyani villages of Selmas.