Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No news about 8 Kurds arrested by Iranian authorities

05 October 2010

Families worried as still no news of eight Kurds arrested on 1 July

People have not heard anything from 8 Kurdish people who were detained without any ground by state Powers in Nê village of Meriwan in East Kurdistan. The detainees were reported to be held in one-person cells and their families are worried.

According to Harana internet site, Behmen Fetahzade, Burhan Direxşanî, Biryar Kawe and Burhan Xusrewî were detained by Iran state powers at the house raids in Nê village on 1 July 2010. A few days later, this time three young people named Emîr Kawe, Muslih Bedexş and Muxtar Efra were detained in the same village. And Mehmûd Merdanî was detained when he was called to the security Office to give his statement.

While there is still no explanation about the reason of the detentions, detainees were reported to be put in one-person cells and have no communication with the outside world. Receiving no news from the detainees, the families made a call to human right defenders and expressed that Iranian regime gives these 8 people no right for self-defense.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil