Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BDP members arrested in Urfa

While 16 of 24 people, who were detained in the operation carried out within the scope of the so called KCK investigation in Urfa 3 days ago, were released; 8 detainees including BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Provincial Co-Chairs İbrahim Ayhan and Adile Fidan were arrested and sent to jail. The 3 year-old son of apprehended Aynur Şahin, Agır, was also sent to prison with his mother. Mentioning that ordinary telephone conversations underlie the accusations, BDP Provincial Vice Co-Chair Lawyer Bekir Benek said that the the “Avon” brand is shown as “Organization”, and shampoo as “bringing people to the organization”.

24 detainees of the simultaneous raids under the name of “KCK operation” last week in Urfa were underwent medical checkup and taken to prosecution office. Among the 24 questioned

After giving statement, among the 24 people; Azadiya Welat representative Mehmet Veysel Ateş, BDP Provincial vice Co-Chair Bakir Benek, Mahmut Kutevi, Kays Işık and Mehmet Çelik were released, while BDP Urfa Provincial Chairheads İbrahim Ayhan and Adile Fidan, BDP PM member Mahmut Çelik, BDP Provincial vice Co-Chair Müslüm Kaplan, BDP Politics Academy Director Kadir Çelik, Provincial Council members Salih Işık and İbrahim Öztürk, BDP Woman Council members Naile Bali, Akide İdin ve Azize Yağız, DÖKH member Sakine Kayran, SES member and prisoner Suruç Mayor Etem Şahin’s wife Aynur Şahin, Urfa Culture Art Center (UKSM) Manager Mikail Gözek, Viranşehir Aldermen Fatma Silgir, BDP members Şahin Binici, Nevrez Alataş, Mensure Engin, Muhittin Yener and İsmail Dölek were sent to the vacation court, accused of “being organization member” and “bringing people to the organization”.


While Provincial Co-Chairs İbrahim Ayhan and Adile Fidan, Azize Yağız,Fatma Silgir, Nevrez Alataş, Mikail Gözek, Mensure Engin and Aynur Şahin were arrested and sent to Urfa E Type Closed Prison, 16 were released on conditions of trial without arrest. It was learned that BDP PM member Ferhat Tarhan, who was detained in Ankara in the same file, was also jailed in Ankara L Type Closed Prison.  


While it got to know that the arrested women were arrested upon the statement of Gülistan P., who is held by a prostitution gang, about hundred people including the families of the detainees waited in front of the courthouse nightlong. Released Azadiya Welat Journal Urfa Representative Veysel Ateş expressed that they were accused of unfounded and ungrounded things in the statements of police and prosecution, and the accusations were so laughing that even the questioning police and prosecutor couldn’t help laughing.


Not leaving the families alone in front of the courthouse since yesterday, BDP Urfa MP İbrahim Binici showed reaction to the arrests. Remarking that a community system is being tried to be settled in Urfa, which is lacking in justice, security, equality and freedom in the city; Binici said; “Kurdish people will uncover Tayyip Erdoğan everywhere. We will on every hand tell that the justice was trampled on in Urfa. Remarking that there is a secrecy decision on the file and daily phone conversations are also considered as a crime; Binici spoke as follows; “Even a inquiry after health is considered as a crime. The phone conversation with the provincial chair was written to minute. A member of the parliament is wiretapped and the provincial chair is accused of unimagined evidences. Our party is aimed to be terrorized.”

Saying that the tragedy of a teenage girl under 18 in a prostitution marsh underlies these immaterial averments, Binici spoke as follows; “Our woman friends in the party helped a little girl and settled her in the Women’s Shelter in Diyarbakır. And the gang members used force on the girl and made her give a wrong statement about our friends as ‘they will send me to mountain’. Why would we settle her in a house of the state if we will take her to the mountain?” Binici remarked that they will continue their democratic acts, adding; “AKP, who is thinking of weakening BDP by taking provincial chairs in Urfa, shall not be mistaken. People of Urfa will mute AKP in 2011 elections. They shall not touch the clean doors of BDP with their dirty hands.”


Released BDP Provincial Vice Co-Chair Lawyer Bekir remarked that the operation’s being carried out just after KCK’s decision to extend unilateral ceasefire until a month after, aimed at sabotaging the process. Benek said; “Those doing the democratic politics should discuss about the main problems of the society. While our party is doing its best for a better silent environment with its explanations, activities and efforts about the Kurdish problem, our general central executives and local provincial and district chairs are aimed to be taken prisoner. Saying “Doing a collective operation that has no judicially meaning and is aimed at showing has no explanation, Benek gave the following information; “The accusations have no concrete grounds, they are abstract. The works of our party were aimed to be illegalized. The phone conversations about our works were construed and intended to be assigned different meanings to. For example; words about a shampoo with Avon brand words were interpreted and Avon was considered as organization, shampoo as bringing people to the organization.”


Among other things, the 3 year-old son Agır of a detainee Aynur Şahin didn’t leave his mother alone from the detention process till judgment process. Agır, whose mother was arrested, went to prison with his mother.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil