Monday, October 4, 2010

Forcibly deported Kurd from Denmark probably jailed and tortured

October 2, 2010 by sks

On Wednesday 22 September 2010, Asylret informed that an asylum seeker would be forcibly deported to Syria.
Adnan Ibrahim was deported to Syria after 18 months in Denmark where two-thirds of his family lives and where the rest had gone underground; for example a father who – rightly – feared a forced deportation to Syria.
Golizar is sister to the previously mentioned Syrian Kurd: ‘I am sure that my brother is in jail, because he has disappeared since two Danish police officers handed him over to the Syrian police at Damascus Airport‘, Golizar says.
‘New information from Norway and Germany reveals the truth about arrestments of forcibly deported Kurds‘, says Said Parvin from Asylret. ‘We therefore urge the Danish authorities to stop further forced deportations of asylum seekers‘, Said Parvin continues.
On this account, the demand to the Danish authorities is that they must publicly account for the content of the agreement on forced deportations that Denmark has with the Syrian government. Are there any guarantees that the Syrian authorities will not use torture against the deportees?
The Danish authorities have recently in supposedly ”good faith” forcibly deported rejected asylum seekers, who have consequently been victims of slow and horrible torture; this is fact. Denmark has tragically misjudged the situation, and we strongly recommend this does not happen again.
Therefore, our requirement of the Danish government is a full disclosure to the public concerning the agreements with the Syrian authorities, and we must again remind Denmark to respect international humanitarian treaty commitments.
Asylret is still working to get in contact with Adnan Ibrahim in Syria.
Asylret, Karl Åge and Said Parvin