Monday, October 4, 2010

Demonstration for education in Kurdish attacked by police

04 October 2010

In Izmir thirteen people were arrested last night at a demonstration in support of mother tongue

The march with torches organized by the Democratic Patriotic Youth (DYG), within the frame of the support activities to the campaign for education in mother tongue promoted by TZPKurdi, was attacked by police teams. As a consequence of the intervention, 15 people - 6 of them children - were arrested.

In Kadifekale/İzmir, DYG members wanted to make a march with torches at around 22.00 last night to support the campaign for education in mother tongue promoted by TZPKurdi. In the neighbouroud, where intense security measures were taken, police teams closed all the streets with panzers, scorpions and buses and attacked the people with pepper gas, nightstick and pressure water.

Clashes erupted when when young demonstrators responded to the police with stones. A total of 15 people, 6 of them children, were detained and one was wounded after the hour-long chase in street alleys. The detainees were reported to be taken to Bozyaka Anti-Terror Branch.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil