Monday, October 11, 2010

Closure case to be heard on 19 October

BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Beyoğlu District Organization showed reaction to the recent bargains in Turkey, Germany and Denmark triangle about the closure of Roj TV and demanded a broadcast center in Amed for the channel.  

Reactions against the pressures on Roj TV, against which a closure case was opened some say as the result of talks between Turkish government, Denmark and Germany, are rising. Coming together in front of BDP Beyoğlu building, party members gave support to Roj TV. The demonstration was accompanied by slogans like ''Roj TV hebûna me ye'', “Pressures can’t overawe us” and banners writing ''Hûn nikarin dengê me bigirin'', ''Girtina Roj TV qirkirina gelê Kurd e'', ''Roj TV bila navenda xwe bîne Amedê''. BDP District Chair Hayri Eser started reading the press statement in Turkish, saying; “As a follow-up of our boycott campaign for education in mother-tongue, after this, we will read our statements in Kurdish.”

Eser continued his speech in Kurdish and called to the government to stop terrorizing the freedoms of Kurdish people. Eser spoke as follows; “Turkish government is bargaining internationally within the frame of politics that will terrorize the Kurdish freedom movement. The bargains are continuing now with pressure for the closure of Roj TV.” Recording that the official ideology doesn’t provide any living spaces for Kurdish people, Eser said; “The fact that nothing will change unless the official political view changes, is obviously seen in the closure sample of Roj TV.” Eser pointed that Roj TV broadcasts in exile and added; “We demand the transfer of the broadcast center to Amed for Roj TV to broadcast freely.”

Translation: Berna Ozgencil