Monday, October 11, 2010

Child died in Silopi

11 October 2010

Child died crushed by a car while trying to protect himself from police gas bombs

In Silopi district of Şırnak, a small child was crushed by a car and lost his life last night while trying to protect himself from the gas bombs of police that intervened in the group protesting against the conspiracy intended at PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

A group protesting against 9 October, was attacked in by police in Cudi Neighborhood of Silopi District. A child named Umut Furkan Akçil, who remained in between police and demonstrators during the police intervention while playing next to his house, was crashed by a car driven by Ferdi Ökten. Severely injured Akçil lost his life in Silopi State Hospital he was taken to.

After the event was sensed in a short time, hundreds of people including Silopi Mayor Emin Toğurlu and BDP (Peace and Democracy Party) Provincial Chair Bahattin Alkış, run to the hospital. Showing reaction to the event while taking the body from the hospital, Akçil’s uncle Ramazan Akçil said; “Our children are crushed by cars while trying to escape from the random panzer bombs in street alleys.”

Calling out to state authorities in Van and Silopi, Akçil demanded the withdrawal of panzers from streets.

Drawing attention to Interior Minister Beşir Atalay’s after-boycott visit to governmental and security in charges in Şırnak and Hakkari, where the “boycott” rates were above, Silopi Mayor Emin Toğurlu said; “They are trying to turn here into Palestine.” Toğurlu also called attention that security forces have been using excessive force since Atalay’s visit.

Akçil’s body was buried in Martyrdom Graveyard by hundreds of people after the practice the religious duties.

Translation: Berna Ozgencil