Sunday, October 17, 2010

BDP called Kurds to join 'Peace Watch Action' in Diyarbakir

17 October 2010

Peace vigil to be organized in front of Courthouse

Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MP Hamit Geylani called all Kurds to join 'Peace Watch Action' in front of the courthouse where 151 Kurdish politicians will stand trial tomorrow.

Kurdish activists will stand in front of the Diyarbakir Sixth High Criminal Court until the end of the trial to protest unlawful detention of the Kurdish politicians.

BDP MP Geylani said that detentions of Kurdish politicians has a negative impact on peace process and it's not compatible with democratic and international law norms.

He called all Kurds to join the "Peace Watch Action" in front of the courthouse saying that it's important to show support for the jailed Kurdish politicians.

Geylani also criticized Turkish Prime Ministers statements and told reporters that BPD supports all efforts for peace with all its sincerity.

Yesterday Erdogan said, in his party's group meeting, that BPD is not for peace in the region.