Monday, October 4, 2010

Turkish and Syrian officials met to discuss PKK

03 October 2010

Security measures in Turkish and Syrian talks

Turkish and Syrian ministers met to discuss security measures against Kurdistan Workers Party in Lazkiye, Syria.

Turkish side attended the meeting with 11 ministers, Interior Minister Besir Atalay, National Security Minister Vecdi Gonul and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Davudoglu among them.

Syria was represented by Deputy President Assistant Hasan Turkmani, Minister of Foreign Arragis Velid Muallim and Interior Minister Said Sammur.

PKK and Kurdish Question is high on the both sides agenda. The sides will also evaluate cooperation agreements between Syria and Turkey.

Turkish Interior Minister Atalay said they will demand Syria to take measures against PKK militants in the country.

Turkey tries to convince Syria for general amnesty declaration for PKK members who are active in Kurdish movement.

The first meeting between Syria and Turkey took place in Halep, Syria last year and two sides signed 51 cooperation agreements.