Friday, October 8, 2010

TBM called to intensify efforts for peace

08 October 2010

Turkey's Assembly For Peace urged parties and NGO to double efforts for peace

Turkey's Assembly For Peace (TBM) called all political parties and NGO's to intensify efforts for a democratic solution to the Kurdish Question.

In a press conference in Ankara TBM's spokesperson Metin Bakkalci said that the dialogue with Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and Peace and Democracy Party (BPD) must continue to keep the peace hopes alive.

“Further negotiations will help the extension of ceasefire by the Kurdistan Workers Party” he said.

Bakkalci called the government to stop all the military operations against the PKK and withdraw the draft law which gives the government to conduct cross border military operation.

“The operations against BPD members should end and the arrested members should be released immediately” he said.

Bakkalci also called all political parties and NGO's to help to preserve the ceasefire and mobilize for a peaceful solution.