Friday, October 15, 2010

Running a marathon with child-steps

14 October 2010

More than 60 runners will run the Eurasia Istanbul Marathon with photos of Kurdish children killed printed on their t-shirts

A group of activists will run the Intercontinental Eurasia Istanbul marathon with child-steps to commemorate Kurdish children killed by Turkish security forces in Kurdistan.

A group of runners who formed a group on the Internet will participate the marathon to be the last one to cross the finish line. They will run with child-steps to commemorate Kurdish children like Ugur Kaymaz, Ceylan Onkol and Canan Saldik who were killed by Turkish soldiers in Kurdistan.

An activist and poet Ibrahim Halil Baran said more than 60 runners will run the marathon with child steps and all of them will wear t-shirts with killed Kurdish children photos printed on it.

Eurasia marathon is being organized for 30 years. The race course changed three times over the years, therefore winning times vary in those periods. Well known athletes such as Ian Thompson and Terry Mitchell participated in the Eurasia Marathon, which also became a testing ground for Turkish athletes, many of whom went on to run at international races.