Monday, October 11, 2010

RojTV employees staged protest in Brussels

11 October 2010

Protests step up as day of court hearing nears

More that a hundred employees of RojTV staged a protest against the investigation launched by Denmark which demands shut down for the Kurdish satellite television, in Brussels today.

The employees demand an end to the Denmarks investigation and freedom for Kurdish press institutions.

Kurds living in Brussels showed support for the protestors chanting slogans in favor of Roj TV.

Protestors will present a dossier to European Union officials this afternoon.

A Danish court will hear a case against the Kurdish satellite television Roj TV was launched on account of encouraging the activities of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) next week.

While Roj TV does not have any studios in Denmark it was granted broadcasting license by the Danish authorities.

Since the foundation of Roj TV on 1 March 2004 it faces pressure by the Turkish government. The Turkish state has also pressurised the Danish authorities in order to cancel the license given to Roj TV.

The pressure that Roj TV faces has increased since last year. Turkey has also sent Danish judiciary 26 files against Roj TV.