Monday, October 4, 2010

Responding to Abu Basir Al-Tartusi’s comments

04.10.2010 – By Baqi Barzani

Abu Basir Al-Tartusi, an Islamic radical scholar of Syrian descent, has lately implicated the Kurds of collaborating with the enemies of Islam and branded them “infidels”.

This is an excerpt from his statements posted on “There is no life for you to live here with and among us. You should not expect anything from Muslims but war and hostility.” You have fought against Arabs and other nationals. For the ascendency of your ignorant cause of nationalism, you have fought against Islam and its followers, “Without Islam, you will never enjoy your life,”

To commence with, Kurds strongly denounce and reject any form of terrorism, fundamentalism, radicalism or violence. Kurds do not believe in committing self-destruction in order to achieve their unislamic agendas. They are strongly in opposition to those who blow themselves up to inflict civilian casualties. This is far from any religious conviction, humanity and ethic. Legitimate resistance is discrete from occupation.

As a substitute, Kurds believe in literal and scientific renaissance. They believe in the time when Islam was at the height of its advancement due to science. They believe in moderation, peace, stability, pluralistic co-existence and harmony. They believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, democracy and human rights. They believe in respecting the rights of other religious, ethnic, racial and sectarian minorities, as well.

Within a very brief period of time, Kurds have been competent to morph Kurdistan into an unrivaled model in the entire Middle East to pursue. Kurds have never engaged in any sort of ethnic or seatrain conflicts in Iraq. If they ever have resisted, it was either because a war was imposed on them or they demanded for their own de jure rights.

Kurds strictly adhere to the principles and values of Islam. It was the Kurds who liberated and led the Muslim world for centuries during Islamic history. Despite of this fact, fellow-Muslims have constantly repressed Kurds and treated them as non-Muslims. In Turkey, Iran and Syria, they are still regarded as unequal non-citizens.

Saddam gassed and butchered hundred thousands of Kurds during “ Halabja and Anfal genocides”. Turkey has razed thousand of Kurdish villages to ground and continues to commit ethnic-cleansing against them on a regular basis. Iran considers the Kurds “Kafer” because of their sectarian affiliation. The Arab league or Islamic world has never propounded the dilemma of 40 million homeless fellow-Muslim Kurds during any of their frequent summits. On the contrary, some governments even voiced their support to the perpetrated atrocities against the Kurds.

Kurds have subsisted in Kurdistan for millenniums, and Kurdistan historically belongs to them. It is their homeland. It is the Persian, Arabs and Turks who have occupied their lands and continue to negate, persecute, discriminate against and marginalize them.

Since the liberation of Kurdistan in 2003, members of diverse ethnic and religious groups have coexisted in peace in conjunction with their Muslim Kurdish brethrens and enjoyed equivalent rights. During the civil war in Iraq, millions of Arab and Christians sought protection in the safe Kurdistan. Kurdish role and position in Iraq has always been humanitarian and constructive.

Utterances such as expecting “war and hostility” promote hate and conflict. It creates discord among Islamic communities. Islam is all about peace and tolerance. Islam is the officially recognized religion of state in Kurdistan. Very lamentably, Islam is being misinterpreted and misrepresented by radicals, further damaging its validity.