Friday, October 15, 2010

Karayilan: Work on Kurdish language strategic for the Kurdish movement

13 October 2010

Language and Education Committee conference held in South Kurdistan

President of Kurdish Democratic Confederation Murat Karayilan says that works on Kurdish language is strategic for the Kurdish movement.

Speaking on KCK’s Language and Education Committee conference Karayilan said that they give a great importance to the development of Kurdish language and creating institutions which works on this issue, since 2000.

“We need no permission from anyone to speak our language in every part of our social life. Our people has every opportunity to protect Kurdish language” he said.

“The works on language carries a strategic importance for our movement” Karayilan added.

The conference was held in South Kurdistan in between 29 September - 2 October with the participation of 60 delegates from every part of Kurdistan.

Methods and politics to protect the Kurdish language from assimilation was the main topic of the conference.

The conference decided for the translation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s books to every accent of the Kurdish language.

KCK also called for more action for the use of Kurdish language in schools and official institutions and to help Kurdish youth to speak the language.