Friday, October 8, 2010

How Islamic Republic of Iran brainwashes our youths - By Baqi Barzani

Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, or IRINN, has fabricated a program that will soon be aired under the caption “Zionism and occupation of both sides of the same coin” in which some Kurdish nationals from Eastern part of Kurdistan {Iran} have been forced to play a part against their own will and from fear of reprisal.

Headquartered in Tehran, IRINN is part of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Corporation.

The program reveals how Iranian regime agents instruct these intimidated, amateurish youths to parrot anti-Semitic rhetoric. Some of the participating Kurdish speakers in the program are religious figures, touching on South Kurdistan’s {Iraq) ties with the western world, especially the State of Israel.  

Hypothetically, the program is meant to raise the public awareness among the Kurds about the connection and presence of Israel in South Kurdistan. 

It is worth noting that most of these Kurdish youths compromise of underprivileged and unwaged rural families with zilch or very low income. Conscious of their Achilles' heel, the regime is taking advantage of the opportunity to brainwash them by turning them against their own nation and state.

Freedom of speech is totally non-existent in Iran, and anyone who dares not cooperate with the regime would eventually end up decaying behind the bars or be hanged on countless false charges.

The ruling regime aims to hype national unity to no avail and pretends that the diverse ethnic and sectarian minority groups endorse the regimes ideology. Kurds in Iran evade military mandatory enlistment because of their strong opposition to the regime. In reality, Kurds have been opposed to the regime since the first day of its takeover.