Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to Release The Kurdish Leader, Abdullah Ocalan!

Release President Abdullah Ocalan!

With historic and euphoric scenes being played out all over Kurdistan the Kurdish people are on the edge of victory!

Every inch, every centimetre of freedom has been won by the Kurdish Freedom Struggle led by the leader of the Kurdish people, President Abdullah Ocalan.

It is only now a matter of time before Abdullah Ocalan will have to be released to fully achieve the freedoms he has fought for.

The Turkish government, following the peace gesture shown by the Kurdish Freedom Movement, should at the very least release a new photograph of the Kurdish leader to recognise the important and historic moment we are at.

But more importantly, the Kurdish people will not accept any solution while Abdullah Ocalan remains in prison.

Freedom to Abdullah Ocalan!

Freedom for Kurdistan!


Source: Hevallo