Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Öcalan Discloses Three Important Proposals from His Road Map

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Tuesday, October 27 2009
güncel Kurdish Info 26.10.2009- The Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan assessed recent developments and presented his proposals for a resolution in the meeting with his solicitors on 21st October. Öcalan outlined the three proposals below:
1st Phase: ‘‘The state will assure all the rights of the Kurds. They will give us guarantees. We will prove to the state that we are not separatists. We will declare that we have abandoned violent methods. At this point a ceasefire will be established. The state will give the Kurds the opportunity to govern themselves.
2nd Phase: If the 1st Phase is completed the 2nd Phase will be to move all armed forces out of the country.
3rd Phase: The guarantees given will find their reflection in a change of legislation. People will return depending on the changes made.’’ Öcalan asked to be given free rein, for all of this to be done.
The Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan revealed the three approaches and methods in history and at the present day (to the Kurdish issue):

I. Approach and Method: Method of Denial and Annihilation
The first approach is that of denial and annihilation which has been the practise since 1925. This approach towards the Kurds is based on an annihilation policy… It rests on cultural annihilation as well as physical annihilation… The nationalism of those who perpetrate this isn’t real Turkism. The architect and perpetrators of this White Turkism are Jewish Moiz Kohen and Arminis Wambery (Armin Vambery). The Turkism of these people is what is called White Turkism.

The CHP is a Continuation of This Concept and is NATIONAL FASCISM
‘‘They were trying to crush anyone who thought differently from themselves or raised their head… Essentially the aim of these people is not Turkism either. Their only aim is to control the Republic using this method. They thought this was the only way they could take the Republic under their control. They were saying to Mustafa Kemal, ‘‘we will make you a prophet, you are supreme for us.’’ They wanted to glorify Mustafa Kemal and take power… In this way they wanted to neutralise him. This method and concept of denial and annihilation has been continuing for 80-90 years. The CHP of today is a continuation of this course of action. Both the CHP and MHP are the successors of this method and policy of denial and annihilation. The CHP represents national fascism whilst the MHP represents nationalist fascism. This is how I interpret the difference between them. They both support the denial and annihilation of the Kurds.’’

II. Approach and Method: Controlling the Kurds via a small State
‘‘The second approach is to appease the Kurds with a small Kurdistan, imprison them in a small area and control them. Israel was given great support in 1947. Then Israel was formed in opposition to Palestine. Again in 1947 they began gathering the Kurds around the KDP. When they comprehended that they couldn’t finish the Kurds with the first approach they put the second option into action. This second method has been in practise for 60 years. Their aim was to form a small nation-state and gather all the Kurds around it. By doing this they wanted to control the Northern Kurds, the Kurds of Turkey especially. Now the AKP represents this approach. In fact Turkey is itself also a small Turkey. They expelled the Turks from the Balkans and other places and pushed them into Anatolia. They formed a small Turkey. At the same time they imbued them with Pan-Turkism.’’

‘‘The AKP are supporting this second approach, this must be properly understood. What the AKP is doing is definitely fraudulent. This approach is more dangerous than physical annihilation. The AKP, based on its relationships with the South, want to control all the Kurds through them. Now that the AKP have spoken about a democratic expansion, they will do everything in their power to control the Kurds. They are opening consulates in the South and improving their relations with Iraq. All the large companies in the South are managed by Turks. They are doing all this, and improving relations in the South in a bid to appease the Kurds. And in this way they are making the Kurds dependent on themselves. In any case all the primitive nationalist Kurds are ready for this. The ones who broke from us are also in the South and have relations with them. They are all part of the same outlook. The AKP knows this well and is w atching the situation closely… The AKP reached an agreement with Yaşar Büyükanıt (ex-General Chief of Staff) based on this. They reached a compromise based on the AKP controlling the Kurds and the Islamists. This is how the military coup was avoided. This agreement is still in force.’’

‘‘… The difference between real and fake religion must be studied sufficiently and comprehended. Following the democratic expansion the AKP will use all its opportunity and means at its disposal. The CHP and MHP are trying to maintain their existence by standing in opposition to a solution to this problem. Conversely the AKP know that only success on this issue can keep themselves in business. For this they will use all the powers they have. Their actions are based solely on being successful in the elections. What the AKP is doing is definitely fraudulent. Also this democratic expansion is not the AKP’s project; it is the State’s project. In fact even the State as a whole isn’t behind this project. If good work is done the AKP will decline and its effects in the region will diminish.’’

III. Approach and Method: The KCK Model
The third approach is the approach we support and is based on the method of the democratic governance of society. This is KCK (Koma Civaken Kurdistan); it is not based on borders but on the democratic organisation of society; it is a libertarian approach. Although I hadn’t identified it, I have spoken about the KCK before. The KCK is definitely not a solution based within the State. I have written about these three approaches in detail in my Road Map. There is a historical introduction to my Road Map. It is an ambitious introduction. I stated my thoughts on how a solution can be attained. Also in the Road Map I cited the five points of the KCK system; economic, social, political, judicial and diplomatic. The social sphere contains matters such as the organisation of education. The international sphere is what I define as the diplomatic sphere. The idea of Davutoğlu (Exterior Minister of Turkey) to form a Strate gic Council in the region was taken from my Middle East Democratic Confederation idea which I had spoken about much before. It is an implementation of that.’’

‘‘The AKP are exploiting my Road Map because it is in their possession. CHP Leader Deniz Baykal knows of the situation a little; he has been saying ‘‘the AKP are implementing Imralı’s (Öcalan’s) Road Map.’’ Baykal’s estimation is true. However, the AKP cannot implement my Road Map. They are only taking advantage of it. Davutoğlu is benefiting from it abroad and Erdoğan here. When I was stating democratic solutions for the Middle East in the road map I proposed the Democratic Confederalism of the Euphrates-Tigris Basin. Now Davutoğlu is negotiating with Iraq and Syria on this. It is true they are making use of my road map. The AKP are in the quandary now…

The KCK is the democratic organisation of society based on liberty. It is based neither on Federalism nor the State. It is the self-organisation of society outside and beyond the State. It is the democratic self-administration of society. This is what we call it democratic autonomy. The name may be different, but the essence is the same.’’

‘‘The groups that arrived are peace emissaries. This problem will not be solved with the arrival of these groups. They are only peace emissaries. They will work to attain peace. I would like to thank the groups that have arrived. From now on they must work for peace. They must take their places in the Peace Assemblies. The group from Europe is also coming. However after that I will make no other calls for groups to come. This would not be right. But if the State negotiates with the PKK and they agree to send more groups then I cannot say anything. This is a decision they would need to take themselves. Once again I would like to thank the peace groups. The aim of the call for the peace groups to come was this; it was a test. I did it to open the path of the blocked political process and also to test their loyalty, and they listened and came and displayed their loyalty. I wish to convey my gratitude and thank the m. The peace groups that came in 1999 were unprepared. We were slightly unfair towards them. It was an uncertain period. We thought the State would take advantage of the opportunity, but the State just imprisoned them.’’

The Proposed Phases for a Solution in the Road Map:

‘‘From now on there needs to be three phases for a solution, I have cited them in the Road Map. In the first phase the state will guarantee all the rights of the Kurds. They will give us assurances and convince us. And we in return will firstly convince the State that we are not separatists, we will declare it. And secondly we will also declare that we will not resort to violent methods. We will put violent methods out of the question. At this point a ceasefire can be established. There will be no conflict or violence. The State will accept a democratic resolution and take into account the five principles I presented. They will give the Kurds the opportunity to govern themselves. However, for this to happen I must be given some free rein. All this needs to be discussed in detail. This is what I meant when I said before that I would need 90 days to negotiate the military aspect and then 45 days to negotiate the security aspect. It is not that simple.’’

‘‘If phase one is completed then in phase two guerrilla forces will leave Turkey’s borders. The third phase will be the change in legislation, ie constitution, laws and regulations, in accordance with the guarantees that were given. The current constitution will need to change. People will return based on how much of this is implemented. I need to be able to express myself during this period. For me to realise this solution the State must take this into consideration, and show its support. There are ten principles in my Road Map. I have sufficiently disclosed how a democratic solution can be achieved in the Road Map.’’

‘‘The situation now is one of testing. The PKK are testing the State, this is true. And the State is testing the PKK. This situation is not one of dialogue. It is one of mutual suspicion. The AKP must accept the democratic solution. However they are acting in a very self-interested and self-seeking manner. They are making all sorts of calculations. They are also playing with an eye to the elections… This dialogue process didn’t begin with the AKP; it has been there since Özal’s time. Following this news was sent during Erbakan’s term… The AKP want to reap the benefit of everything. The road they have chosen is full of all sorts of deceptions, tricks and fraud. The explicit massacres committed by the Ergenekon are less dangerous than this secretive and deceptive annihilation process.’’

‘‘We are for a solution, for a democratic solution, however the State must also be for a solution, it must accept the democratic solution. Moreover, we are in favour of a solution with the State, the State that is the real State. The State must accept the democratic resolution model in which the Kurds can govern themselves… I would like to call on the Turkish people: For 80-90 years there has been a veil put over us. Together we can lift it. Acting together we can bring peace and democracy, we will gain altogether. We are in favour of the democratic solution.’’