Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Drunk Kurdish cop shoots student

By Soran Bahaaddin

Erbil - Soran Omer Khidir (21) was shot at midnight late September and was hit in his stomach. He still suffers from the consequences.

When Soran was calling someone in front of his house, suddenly a drunk guy started shooting in all directions and he was hit. The police officer eventually gave himself in.

After the shooting, Soran was transferred to the hospital and remained under surgery for 5 hours. Three meters of his intestines were cut during the surgery and his health kept worsening after the incident.

Soran Omer Khidir is still in hospital and has a hard time to speak. “I’m waiting for the decision of the court. I don’t forgive him, he ruined my life.” (Photo: Rudaw).

© Rudaw