Friday, October 9, 2009

A Black Day!

The 9th October was the day that the plot against the Kurdish Leader, Abdullah Ocalan was initiated.

It culminated in the illegal kidnapping and imprisonment on Imrali Island of the leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and so represents the attitude of the Turkish State to the Kurdish people in Turkey.
Apo remains imprisoned! And the Kurdish people remain imprisoned too.
Provocation after provocation is the tactic of the Turkish State at the moment. Every single day there are more provocations, killings and military bombardments.
Although the Kurdish Freedom Movement have bent over backwards to try and initiate a political process by which to solve the Kurdish Question in Turkey, it seems that the powers that be do not want a solution and are determined to provoke the Kurdish side into continued conflict.
This is a very dangerous strategy on their part because once the Kurdish side decide that enough is enough and are forced to take defensive actions to protect the Kurdish population from continued repression by the Turkish forces then Turkey faces a very bleak future.
It is a shame that this window of opportunity to solve the Kurdish issue has been squandered and the blame lies at the feet of the Turkish government and state but also blames lies with the European and US powers who could of done more to pressurise Turkey into entering a meaningful dialogue with the Kurdish Freedom Movement to solve The Kurdish Question.
Today is a black day.

One, because it is the anniversary of the illegal kidnapping and imprisonment of the Kurdish people's leader but, two, also because it is becoming clearer by the day that the Turkish authorities are implementing a dirty psychological war aimed at discrediting the Kurdish side by provoking them into a continued conflict by increasing the brutal suppression and repression on the Kurdish civilian population and by increasing the political suppression on the DTP.

They have also given the message that war is their preferred method by which to address the Kurdish issue by continued and increased bombardment of the Qandil Mountains and extending their military mandate which legitimizes any occupation of South Kurdistan.

The scene is becoming set for a very black future!

Source: Hevallo