Saturday, October 24, 2009

Special :The Kurds Experiencing Historical Days 2

Special :The Kurds Experiencing Historical Days 2
Submitted by Tsiatsan on Saturday, October 24 2009
güncel Kurdish Info / THE FAMILIES OF THE PEACE GROUP- The excitement and emotions of the families of peace group members was distinct. The families experienced the justified pride of reuniting with their children under such circumstances. One of the families who experienced this excitement was that of Gülbahar Çiçekçi. The family learned that their daughter was in the peace groups from their neighbours who had been watching Roj Tv. The Çiçekçi family experienced all in one the excitement, happiness and pride of reuniting with their daughter after ten years. Gülbahar’s father Mehmet Çiçekçi especially emphasised that his daughter and the other emissaries had returned for peace.
Vilayet Yakut’s father Hüsnü Yakut and sister Rabia Yakut were amongst those that greeted the peace groups in Şırnex. Father Yakut showed a fierce reaction against some media outlets which had claimed ‘they have surrendered.’ He said, ‘‘they have not come to surrender. They are here for peace.’’ Yakut also emphasised that he wasn’t happy that his daughter had returned, but because this was a step towards and opportunity for peace. ‘‘I do not want my daughter to retreat from her decision and determination’’ he said.

The family of Hamdiye Dinçer, a member of the Qandil group, was experiencing a different type of excitement. Describing this step as being ‘historical’ the family of Dinçer expressed how meaningful it was that their daughter had been involved in this step. Mother Mahiye Dinçer said that she was very happy that her daughter had been involved in such an honourable cause.

Another of those filled with excitement was Xebat, who hadn’t seen his father since the age of one. Whilst being very joyful, the family of Qandil group member Hüseyin Ipek is calling on everyone to support the peace groups. Hüseyin Ipek joined the organisation a year after his wife Hülya Ipek (codename: Tanya) had joined in 1996. They left one year old Xebat with his grandmother. Xebat is now fifteen years old and filled with the excitement and happiness that he is going to see his father for the first time.

Ipek’s mother Mekiye Ipek learned of her son’s return from Roj Tv. Stunned and overjoyed at the same time she said, ‘‘for years we have been crying for peace, they must hear our voices.’’ Reacting angrily at news that the peace groups had taken advantage of the repentance law, mother Ipek said, ‘‘all these are lies. Our children did not come to surrender. They have come as peace emissaries. I hope all this effort and struggle pays off and the state reaches out its hand. For peace to flourish in these lands, the Turkish people must support the peace groups as well.’’