Monday, October 26, 2009

Partition is the only solution

By Mufid Abdulla

The two co-ordinated attacks which took place on the 25th October in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, were the biggest explosions to take place over the last two years and once again have shocked the minds and consciences of the people. Ordinary people will ask again how long this mayhem and chaos is going to last. The current state of Iraq is like a broken family; everybody can penetrate that family circle very easily as well as easily making any elevations or disturbances against it.

Iraq is in a fragile state because the political situation is weak and has not yet been adequately established. Apart from the Dawa Party and the Supreme Council for the Shi’a based group, all other political groups in Baghdad are acting like a shadow for the old regime. They are hampering the installation of all political progress. The only things which are now running properly in Iraq are corruption and deceit.

For the last five years, I have been saying that the Kurds cannot make any gains in the new Iraqi regime while these chauvinist leaders are at the top. We do not need to go far back in history to see the injustices that are taking place before our eyes. If you look at Article 140, in respect of Kirkuk and the surrounding areas which historically belonged to the Kurds, people have not made any progress concerning these issues since the collapse of Saddam’s regime. It is an alarming situation that despite the fact the Iraqi Parliament voted on and passed this constitution, it cannot be implemented. We are the only people calling Iraq a federal state, nobody else does. Even the American and British wanted to stop the progress we made in the north for the sake of being equal to the south, including Paul Bremer, the former U.S Administrator of Iraq who was in charge of overseeing the reconstruction of Iraq. Our federal region (the KRG) has not drafted a single coherent statement, properly and ideally with the central government. The KRG’s relationship with the centre is not real and has never been real, only pretend. That is why as soon as any new company signs any new contract in Arbil, the next day there will be cries from Baghdad accusing the Kurds of dishonesty and attempts to disintegrate political policies.

If the last five years are not enough examples of the bad history we have endured with Baghdad then what else do we need to find out? We, the Kurds, are not going to have any dealings with the Iraqi centre in Baghdad, the KRG which is run by a Shi’a majority. The KRG once more should concentrate on establishing their constitution, propping up democratic reform and advocating the people’s movement for human rights and the voice of opposition. I have been saying all along, the only solution for Iraq, a country established since 1932 under the pretext of so many dodgy deals with other powerful states between the First and Second World Wars; is the partition of Iraq. If the nation inside the former-Yugoslavia has managed to run their affairs then why should Iraq not be able to follow a similar example? Why have the people of Iraq endured all the pain and drama of a forced marriage for the last so many years? A partition is the only solution to this country in order to have a de-facto Kurdish state in the north and so that a referendum can take place in the south of Iraq to find out exactly what the people want. I understand that it is difficult to transfer ownership when situations in Kirkuk and other areas remain unresolved. The Iraqi state and its neighbouring countries cannot simply be ended, due to the fact that Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia want to use Iraqi land to score all their balances with American administration at the expense of the Iraqi people. If a country does not want to be framed for an attack then why not use a nearby country such as Iraq to transfer the limelight and any blame which exists? What is happening is unfair, unjust and is hindering any chance of progress in Iraq, particularly in terms of the situation between the Kurds and the Iraqi state.