Friday, October 9, 2009

Eastern Kurdistan: Kurds on death row

By a section of the Kurdish community in the UK

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - Martin Luther King

Since Ahmadinejad gained power in Iran, the regime’s national and international policies significantly changed, particularely nationalpolicies. It is clear from the regime’s idealogy and national constitution that the state was founded on discrimantory bases. The people of Iran are not entitled to their civil and political rights because of the regime’s discriminatory idealogy and policies.

All Iranian religious and ethnicminorities have been affected by these policies; civil and political rights are in constant dramatic detoriortion, particularely in Iranian Kurdistan.

Majority of the political prisoners are Kurds. Around 20 of them are on death row, and according to the Human Rights Observers inside Iran, regime will soon carry out a mass execution in Kurdistan. Majority of the prisoners are civil right, women right, Human Rights and Enviromnetal advocaters/campaigners.

According to the prisoners representatives (Lawyers), hard line cleric who is the head of the Judiciary formally requested Sena Revolutionary Court to carry out the executions. As it is explained there are high probabilities that the execution request will be carried out very soon.

Iran was one of the first countries to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights in 1975 as well as dozens more International Treaties regarding the Civil Liberties, Human Rights, None Discrimination,Because of the nature of the International Law, it is very difficult to be implemented in all the aspects, and also it lacks a legitimate hierarchy authority to punish each state whom is in breach of the treaty or the Law. Nevertheless, it is possible to use different methods to compell the states to observe International Law.

I, as your constituent and on behalf of my community in the UK, appeal to you to raise this issue in British Parliament and take an urgent action in order to prevent the mass executions in Iran.

Name of the Kurdish activists on ’death row’.

1- Farzad Kamangar…..Teacher and Human Rights activist

2- Ali Haydarian………..HR advocate

3- Habibollah Latifi…..HR advocate and Journalist

4- Zaynab Jalalian…….Women Right advocate

5- Sasan Babaie………..Student

6- Anwar Hussien Panahi….Teacher and HRs activist

7- Ehsan Fatahian………..Civil Liberty advocate

8- Farhad Vakili……Civil and Political activist

9- Arsalan Awlyaye….Civil Right activist.

10- Rostam Arkya…..HRs activists.

11- Sherko Maarefi……Human Rights advocate

12- Sohrab Jalali

The life of the Kurdish political and civil prisoners is at serious foreseable risk. As kurds in the UK we do ask you to take an urgent action to save the life of the prisoners and protect their families from any physical and psycological harms.

Your Sincerely