Friday, October 23, 2009

September figures for ill-treatment of journalists in Kurdistan

London ( 23 October 2009: Recently the figures of ill treating journalism during the month of September, after the election defeat for KDP/PUK, are released by an independent Kurdish organisation.

During September 2009, in the four Kurdistani governorates of Sulemani, Arbil, Duhok and Kirkuk, all controlled by PUK and KDP, 103 journalists are ill-treated. 21 journalists are arrested – 3 in Arbil, 13 in Sulemani and 5 in Duhok. 30 journalists were sopped reporting on various occasions - 10 in Arbil, 12 in Sulemani, 6 in Duhok and 2 in Kirkuk. 11 were physically assaulted; 3 were fined; and, 20 were threatened. Moreover, during the same month - September, 14 journalists were verbally abused and 3 were sacked from their jobs.