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Ahmet Türk: Celebration is not Show-biz, The Joy of The People

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Saturday, October 24 2009
güncel BIA 24.10.2009-DTP Co-Chair Türk responds to the Prime Minister's criticism of turning the arrival of the peace groups into a "show". Türk said, "This is not a show, this is the enthusiasm of the people. They came for the peace process. This enthusiasm should be shared all over Turkey". Court of Appeals Chief Prosecutor Yalçýnkaya has launched an investigation against DTP regarding the receptions. Interior Minister Atalay criticized opposition parties MHP's and CHP's statements concerning the peace groups that returned to Turkey in the beginning of this week. Commenting harshly on the welcome events of DTP, he emphasized that the opening process is a success and that the government is going to continue it.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyýp Erdoðan criticized that the welcoming events for the peace groups that arrived from Mahmur and Kandil (Iraq) were turned into a show. Co-Chair Ahmet Türk of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) replied to the prime minister and government officials as follows:"As DTP we are neither in need of a show nor are we calculating on political accounts. This is the excitement about peace". Türk declared in yesterday's (22 October) announcement in the DTP Diyarbakýr provincial office:

"This was not a show, this was the excitement of the people. Everybody has to understand this excitement well and everybody has to participate in it. The groups came for the peace process. The experienced enthusiasm is the enthusiasm for peace. Also after this we are going to carry on with our work for continuing this process with the Turkish people and political parties. Peace is our only desire. We will channel all our efforts accordingly".

Fourfold investigation against DTP
Court of Appeals Chief Prosecutor Abdurrahman Yalçýnkaya declared to have launched an investigation against DTP regarding the welcoming events. Yalçýnkaya had previously opened a closure case against DTP. A decision in this case is still owed by the Constitutional Court.

The groups entered Turkey on 19 October from the border crossing at Habur and moved on to Silopi and Diyarbakýr. Thus, the investigation was launched by altogether four prosecutors, namely from Silopi, Cizre, Nusaybin and Diyarbakýr. (TK/VK)

Atalay: "Democratic Initiative" Carried on Despite Opposition
Minister of the Interior Beþir Atalay, co-ordinator of the government's "democratic initiative", criticized the opposition for provoking the people in yesterday's (23 Ocotber) press conference. He also expressed his concerns about the Democratic Society Party (DTP) using the measures taken for their political advantage.

Atalay evaluated the reactions regarding the return of 26 refugees from Mahmur and 8 members of the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) from Kandil in Iraq as a support for a peaceful sulotion to the Kurdish question. All 34 group members were released after being interrogated.

Opposition parties Republican People Party (CHP) and National Movement Party (MHP) had sharply criticized the government. CHP leader Deniz Baykal said, "With this operation the PKK is granted full discharge by law". MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli argued, "The PKK members were treated like special guests. The judicial authorities entered the race to release them to the street. Moreover, this infamy has been appreciated by the Prime Minister".

Thousands of people were spilled onto the streets after the "peace groups" entered the country from the border crossing at Habur. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoðan and President Abdullah Gül had criticized the events organized by DTP as "casting a show". DTP said they are going to be more careful.

On the other hand, the Chief of General Staff described the welcome celebrations for the "peace groups" as "unacceptable" in today's press briefing.
Atalay: Approaching enduring freedom

The Interior Minister emphasized that Baykal's comments were "untruthful" and "criminal". Atalay explained that the people that returned to Turkey were treated within the legal framework, adding that it is out of the question for them to meddle with this issue.

Atalay's statement can be summarized as follows:

* The opening initiative is continuing and will contribute to solidarity and to our togetherness. We approach the great brotherhood we all desire and a lasting peace.

* Some political parties turned this process into a tool for political exploitation by distorting it. This is simply irresponsible, this is a crime. Some statements have been made which implicated an incrimination of the judge and the prosecutors. We may not look away from the fact that there is the crime of violating confidentiality and an attempt to influence a fair trial.

* If this step is not taken now or is interrupted, the problems increase. I agree with the words of our prime minister that this is the last chance; apart from us nobody will be able to dare it.

* The amendments for the democratic initiative will be brought before the parliament in November. (TK-EÜ/VK)

Source: Kurdish Info