Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Peace and Democratic Solution Group Press Release

Submitted by Tsiatsan on Tuesday, October 27 2009
güncel Peace and Democratic Solution Group 27.10.2009- Dear members of the press, Following the call of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, we, as members of ‘the peace group’ have decided to return to Turkey. Our aims are to serve the democratization process, to contribute to the solution of the Kurdish Question and to overcome the current political stalemate. Our group consists of 15 people. Arif DIRIK, Ayten KAPLAN, Baki ULUDAG, Halime GOKCEN,Hasan AKBABA, Hikmet CETIN, Hikmet KARAHAN, Ismet KEM, M.CEVAT Akin, Mahmut EROL, M.Sait YILDIRIM, Muazzez KAYA, Ummuhan SURMELI, Veli TEKIN, Vesile YUKSEL.
Turkey is at an important and critical turning point. We believe that political reforms and democratization initiatives have reached an important phase since the local elections in 29 March 2009. However it is important to highlight that ‘the road map’ prepared by the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan has not yet been released by the authorities to the public, and that ‘the democratization process’ is at an impasse.

Upon calls from Mr Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdish Movement organized ‘peace groups’ that consisted of 34 people from Maxmur and Qandil. The peace groups returned home on 19 October 2009 in order to further the democratization process.

The peace groups who came to the country received a rapturous reception from hundreds of thousands of Kurdish people and those in favor of peace who gathered to meet them.

We, the members of the `peace group` who fled to Europe to escape persecution and oppression in Turkey, had decided to return to Turkey tomorrow (on 28 October, 2009). We made this decision in order to respond to our people’s great hopes for an honorable and democratic peace and solution to the Kurdish issue. We made all the necessary preparations and applied to the Turkish Consulate for the relevant travel documents.

The Prime Minister, government and state officials` statements in relation to our people’s joyful reception to meet the first peace groups were inappropriate and prevented the peace group from Europe to leave for Turkey. Officials failed to issue the necessary travel documents.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, we have temporarily postponed our return to Turkey.

We believe that the peace process in Turkey can only be successfully pursued if all relevant parties under take their responsibilities with gravity, courage and compassion. Despite the decisiveness, goodwill and persistence of the Kurdish movement towards peace and democracy by sending the peace groups, the government`s present attitude is blocking the way for the peaceful and democratic solution of the Kurdish issue.

The ruling AKP government is claiming is that we created a `crisis of confidence`. On the contrary, the government and state forces are responsible for causing a `crisis of confidence` by disturbing, provoking and sabotaging the process. It is under these conditions, that we were forced to postpone our journey to Turkey. We believe that our decision to postpone will be understood by our people and all those concerned for the process to be advanced.

With a strong believe in peace and democratic solution, we would like to respond to Mr Ocalan`s call and to the Kurdish people`s hopes for peace and free coexistence. We are ready and confident to open the way that is blocked by the government and contribute to the process. In the coming days, we will evaluate the government`s political and legal approaches and decide accordingly on a date to return to the Turkey. Our decision will be shared with the members of the press and the public.

Only a common effort will make the initiative work. Therefore, we request that the concerned Turkish officials take on this responsibility, and to be courageous in order to make our group`s journey to Turkey possible.

It is clear to see the efforts by the CHP administration, MHP and Ergenekon gang in sabotaging the peace and solution process. Rather than being under the influence of this backward mentality which gets its strength from the war, the AKP must be even more accountable, assertive and strong-willed in its approach. The Kurdish people`s cry for peace and search for a solution must be understood as a great support for the people of Turkey and an approach of fraternity and solidarity.

We believe that the media, intellectuals, non-governmental organizations and the public opinion in Turkey will support and value our efforts for the peace initiative.

We salute and extend our regards to the people of Kurdistan and Turkey on the basis of a strong belief for an honorable peace and democratic solution.

We thank you, the members of the press for your interest.